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Christopher Simmons


Christopher was born on October 18, 2004. He was affectionately called “Brother” by his family and “Chris” by his friends. He too attended ACS from kindergarten onward. In his younger years, he played basketball and baseball before taking a hiatus to focus on his studies. As a junior, he returned to sports and stood out as an excellent player on the baseball and basketball teams at ACS.

As an old soul, Chris was abnormally sensible, thoughtful, and helpful. He had a keen awareness of and deep gratitude for his parents’ hard work and sacrifice to provide for him and his siblings that he never took for granted. He was known to walk around the house and turn off lights or help with household chores before being asked. He had a strong work ethic and worked after-school and summer jobs to earn his own money. He was very affectionate with those he cared for and was known as his mother’s “angel child,” since he never caused any trouble and had special concern for his mother. Chris was so mature that his older brother Kyle often said that although Chris was younger, he looked up to him.

Chris was selfless, pure-hearted, caring, handsome, and reserved. As of late, his girlfriend, Marissa, was helping him come out of his shell little by little. Although Chris was a man of few words, when he did speak, he often had something funny or witty to say.

Chris was also highly intelligent, goal-oriented, and driven. He took academics seriously and was on track to be one of his class valedictorians upon graduation. He took the ACT multiple times, striving each time to score higher than he had before in hopes of someday scoring a 32.

Chris enjoyed spending time with his friends, family, and girlfriend. He and his friends went out to eat or to watch UFC fights. He and Marissa were known to be “attached at the hip” and, outside of spending time together at school, they often worked out, went to each other’s house, and ate ice cream. On his own, Chris enjoyed coding, making video games, playing video games, and researching and investing in the stock market.


An unusually wise and motivated teenager, Chris dreamed of a financially secure and successful future. He planned to follow in his big brother Ren’s footsteps by going to college and becoming a software engineer. He also dreamed of marrying and outdoing his parents by having 10 kids.

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